Serious iced coffee

The pho at Pho Ca’Dao in Mira Mesa is really good, as are the eggs rolls, but the iced coffee is quite fantastic too. I don’t think I’ve had bad iced coffee at any Vietnamese restaurant, come to think of it.

I recently had dinner at Ca Dao and since I was going to watch “Inception” right after, I knew I was going to need a caffeinated jolt. So onward to the Vietnamese-style iced coffee!

It arrives in the most charming way, as you can see. It lets you to take part in the whole ceremony of coffee-drinking, which I think is part of the joy, don’t you?

A little silver cup with a metal press arrives sitting on top of a nifty little glass cup of condensed milk. The freshly brewed espresso slowly drips from the press onto the sugary rich milk until you’re ready to stir it with an elegantly long spoon, then pour the concoction in a glass of chipped ice.

Trust…it’s quite wonderful. Strong, creamy and sweet. Look out for it at your favorite pho joint — it’s the perfect ending to that big honking bowl of pho.


  1. “jolt” is a good word to describe this stuff. the last time i had some, i saw them sprinkle some crack in it that kept me up for hours. i somberly contemplated the futility of life without hermione (she was with that beastly krum at the time) as i started downing while hearing my heart beating ever so quickly. so i headed over to the three broomsticks, had a few butterbeers to even it out and passed out promptly after much to harry’s disgust.


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