Farm-fresh egg story

As you know, there’s been a massive egg recall. More than half a billion of them have been recalled, or so I’ve read. That’s a lot of eggs! What irked me the most about it, even more than the salmonella scare itself, was that the tainted eggs came all the way from Iowa. No wonder supermarket eggs are so lackluster — it’s because they’ve traveled cross-country to get here. That is why I try to buy local eggs from the farmer’s market, pictured above.

Just recently, however, I really needed eggs and I considered buying the supermarket variety because my swiftly ripening bananas demanded to be baked into bread. So off I went to Vons. It shouldn’t be that bad, right? Lo and behold, a sign was posted above the cartons saying that the particular brand — Lucerne, to be exact — is NOT part of the Iowa egg recall, despite the fact that Lucerne is one of the brands on the recall list. I looked at the what few shoddy egg cartons remained, some of them soggy with who knows what…and peeped inside. They were cracked and ugly. I desperately wanted to bake banana bread but I just couldn’t risk using these tired-looking eggs, salmonella-laced or not. I decided to wait another day and go to the farmer’s market for the farm-fresh variety.

I had a sneaking feeling this would happen: I got to the market and the egg guy said they were sold out. The egg recall had everyone in a hizzy and cleaned out his supply quicker than usual. I was crestfallen. I drove through downtown La Jolla traffic just to get eggs and now they’re all gone! The egg guy must have seen my disappointment because a couple minutes later after I walked away, he came up to me and said, “ma’am, if you’d like some eggs, come see me later this afternoon at 12:45.” He had eggs on reserve somewhere in that van of his!

Of course I said I’ll think about it. Since I ran into a couple friends at the market, I dilly dallied and had some lunch to kill time. I then went back at 12:45 and as promised, Egg Guy sneaked a carton of a dozen jumbo eggs in a plastic bag and handed it to me. I couldn’t believe I had just taken part in what seemed like an underground transaction for quality eggs. It was just too hilarious. A black market for eggs? I’d believe it. I also like to believe that Egg Guy recognized that I care. I care enough to deserve his backdoor farm-fresh egg supply.

Watch out for my next post, in which I baked these bad boys for banana bread.


  1. sieusieuyer says:

    that’s quite a tale. good thing the others didn’t see you, otherwise there would have been a riot, no doubt. i’m looking forward to the farmer markets up in davis after reading your posts.

  2. Michelle says:

    I’ll pay you $10 in unmarked ones for one of the eggs…

  3. Christine says:

    Davey — I bet the eggs and produce at Davis will be beyond superb! Looking forward to your many Davis-related posts.

    Michelle — haha! Come see me tomorrow. maybe we could arrange something. Let’s hit up the farmer’s market soon! I ran into Joe and Julie there on Sunday. It’s fun.

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