August 2010

Gelato at Chocolat Cremerie

And now, for dessert. I had the pleasure of tasting the gelato at Chocolat Cremerie in Hillcrest tonight and it was fantastic. I tried the pistachio and it tastes more like actual pistachios rather than the fake (but still delicious) pistachio flavor — pistachio gelato lovers, you know what I’m talking about. The hazelnut flavor is also exquisite. But hey, look at the chocolate flavors!

Have you ever seen such chocolate intensity? Looks like chocolate lava.


Tonight, I had a pretty intense jjambbong moment. I only had an egg and some melon earlier in the day so by the time I had my lunch break at 7 pm, I had a raging hunger for something freaking good. And I knew exactly what I wanted. THIS!

Jjambong is one of favorite things to order at Korean-style Chinese restaurants. It’s actually a close tie between that and “jja-jang myun,” a delightful heap of noodles served with black bean sauce. Whether to order jjambbong or jja-jang myun is a dilemma nearly every time I go to the restaurants that serve them but tonight, it was a no brainer.

I don’t really know what jjambbong translates as but it’s a word to describe a bunch of ingredients mixed together, which is what this dish entails. The noodles swim in a really spicy, broth along with sliced vegetables, pork and various seafood — usually shrimp, squid and what have you. This one had a mussel in it, which I so joyously discovered mid-way of eating or rather, inhaling it.

I am proud to report that I finished the entire bowl. This was an accomplishment for me, since I usually only order a half-size bowl. All I could think of when I finished was HALLELUJAH!

By the way, for you San Diego folks, I finally found a place where you can order this: San Tong Palace on Convoy. Not the absolute best place for Korean-style Chinese, but it wasn’t too shabby. Not too shabby at all.