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Rapture over albacore tuna sashimi

I may have possibly had the absolute best albacore sashimi experience tonight…

Nah, I’ll just say it — it was THE most fantastic sashimi I have ever had, and I did not have to go to an expensive sushi place to get it.

Just yesterday, my dad and brother delivered fresh vacuum-sealed slabs of albacore tuna and yellowtail that they caught off the generous waters of Baja California during a chartered fishing trip. We’re talking six days out at sea. Between the two of them, they caught some 40+ tuna. I could not believe it! Here we go:

An example of less-than-perfect knife skills but hey, like it matters. The tuna’s freshness compensated for any imperfect shapes and edges. Our first bite could only be described as rapturous…the pieces just melted in our mouths like butter. Straight up. This guy was probably swimming in the ocean just a couple days ago.

Here, we have seared yellowtail with ponzu sauce. Thank you Alex, for bringing the sauce and using your fish-searin’ skills. I even grated some daikon radish to go with it. Fabulous. Perhaps not as rapturous as the albacore, but still beyond divine.

Those little green sprouts are daikon radish sprouts, called “kaiware,” in Japanese. They’re peppery with a wasabi-like zing to them and they go exceptionally well with good sash. Look for them at Asian markets.

Thank you Jason, for dropping off the fish!