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MIHO Gastrotruck emerges from “farm to street”

Gastronomy — Merriam-Webster defines it as the “art or science of good eating” and yes we’re lovin’ the word these days, as evidenced by new terms like molecular gastronomy, Gastronomica (a scholarly food publication), gastropub, and of course, the gastrotruck. Come on, you had to see it coming. After Kogi‘s sensational debut a year or so ago, how could progressive cooks resist inventing a gastro-TRUCK? It’s so apt for hip, local food-forwardness, kind of original enough for people to at least try it out of curiosity and it harnesses social networking capabilities that let us web-savvy folks know exactly where the truck will be at a precise time — just like all of its other mobile restaurant predecessors.

Alas, I am guilty as charged for falling into the craze of it all. A fellow food-liker and I have had our eye on MIHO Gastrotruck and when he asked if I would like to check out, I happily agreed. This was today’s lunch menu:

Their fries, inspired by “poutine,” a Belgian fries dish, were doused with mushroom gravy and actually very tasty. I enjoyed it mucho. I talked to the truck guy and he said they make their own mushroom broth for the gravy.

Pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw on a brioche bun. Below: What’s a food truck without Coke in retro glass bottles?

As I noticed succulent plants artfully placed next to the napkins and colorful candy strewn on burlap beside the ice-cold drinks,  I couldn’t help but wonder, is this a little too gimmicky? My friend and I mulled over food trucks in general, and we concluded that they are just a current trend and will likely not survive. What do you guys think?

It made me think about one of the best articles I’ve read about the original Mexican taco trucks that led to this whole enterprise. You gotta check it out.

Hey Miho, props for making some fairly tasty lunch food, even if it is a tad pricey. You’re spicing it up for bored lunchgoers who want something else besides Subway. But I’m down for a good old Mexican taco truck over anything else. Pass the tamarindo soda!