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Trimming Asparagus

imageI really have no idea what has come over me. I have been on a Paestry-posting roll! Aren’t you glad?

Today let’s talk about asparagus. This is my third recent post about delectable springtime vegetables.

I know many of you are great cooks already and the following will not be a revelation but attention asparagus novices:  trimming asparagus before cooking and eating is an absolute must. The bottom portion is woody and tough and will ruin perfectly cooked asparagus if it’s still there.

The conventional way is to snap off the bottom wherever it snaps when you bend it. But my dad recently showed me Jacques Pepin’s method and I was so charmed.

In the picture way above, I trimmed the asparagus, dressed them in S&P and olive oil and roasted them in the oven. Great way to eat them. But truly the most tasty way is to boil them in water like Pepin did. I hope you enjoy asparagus this season.